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To Our Members of The Community

Summer is the time of year that parking volume tends to increase by visitors etc. Please follow the easy points below to avoid parking mis-communications. These rules are to insure parking for all residents fairly, while considering the limitations of the facility. Your cooperation insures your rights as well as the other residents.

  • ​Please be sure to place your parking sticker in a visible place on your vehicle(s). 
  • Vehicles parked in red lots must have red stickers
  • Vehicles parked in blue lots over three days must have red or blue stickers.
  • Any visitors parking in the lots over three days without stickers must have Co-ops permission or be subject to towing.
  • Parking in thru-fare road is only allowed for 15 minutes or less, with flashers on for unloading, etc. or be subject to towing.
  • Make sure children are properly supervised and if possible, using the playground facility.
  • Children are not to play in thru-fare below the first turn off after entering the Complex. 

Thank You for cooperating in protecting your and all members ability to use the roadways responsibly.

Cornwall Owners Corp.​

Newsletter Notes
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